Crosstab Auto-Resizing

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Crosstab Auto-Resizing

In Crosstab grid output, any row can be resized by double-clicking in the row cell. For example, if you see a highlighted cell that contains duplicate values, double-click within that cell and the row will resize to show all of the duplicate values.


If there are many duplicate values, you can resize all rows simultaneously by holding down the Ctrl key on the keyboard while double-clicking any row cell. If Ctrl is held down during the double-click, all rows (and columns) will be automatically resized. Resizing all rows and columns may take a minute or two, depending on the size of the Crosstab.


The Crosstab functionality to automatically resize columns and rows to fit data is disabled by default to avoid impacting performance for large crosstabs. This functionality may be enabled in custom reports. Contact EarthSoft Support for more information.


Warning: It is not necessary to resize rows in EQuIS Professional before exporting to Excel. When the data is exported to Excel, the rows will auto-fit to display all duplicate values.