Populate Facility Drop-Down in Sign & Submit

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Populate Facility Drop-Down in Sign & Submit

The facility drop-down in Sign & Submit is populated with the facility rows from the Facility_ReadOnly section in the EDGE EDD. When EDDs are generated using the EDGE Field EDD Report, only the facility from which that EDD was exported will be included in the section.


More facilities can be included in this drop-down by using the RVF Builder Form in EQuIS Professional to supply a new Reference Value file (RVF) to EDGE. To set this up:

1.Open EQuIS Professional.

2.Navigate to Forms > RVF Builder.

3.Click the left-most button in the toolbar to load a format.

4.Select the EDGE.xse file found in the \EDGE\Formats\EDGE\ folder.

5.Select the desired facilities from the left pane.

6.Save the new RVF.

7.Supply the new RVF with the other EDGE format files in the \EDGE\Formats\EDGE\ folder.

8.Open EDGE.

9.On the Home ribbon, click Select RVF.

10.Choose the new RVF.


All selected facilities will be populated in the drop-down on Sign and Submit. See the RVF Builder article for more information.