EQuIS Data Connector for Power BI Overview

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EQuIS Data Connector for Power BI Overview

Power BI Desktop


Use EQuIS data directly in Microsoft Power BI Desktop. The EQuIS Data Connector allows users to access EQuIS facilities, locations, and user reports as data sources in Power BI.


See the following articles to learn how to use EQuIS data in Power BI:

How to Connect EQuIS to Power BI Desktop

Adding EQuIS Datasets in Power BI Desktop


Watch the "An Introduction to EQuIS Power BI Connector" Office Hour video for a quick overview. (Note that the Office Hours video was recorded prior to the EQuIS Data Connector receiving certification by Microsoft.)





EQuIS users can manage, edit, and share published datasets in PowerBI.com. To access a published report or dataset in to PowerBI.com:

Login to https://app.powerbi.com.

Find the workspace containing the published EQuIS dataset and/or report.

EQuIS data may be refreshed (either manually or via scheduled refresh).


Refer to Microsoft Power BI help for additional information pertaining to the various tools available in PowerBI.com.



Requirements and Setup


The EQuIS Data Connector was certified by Microsoft in May 2021. Please upgrade to the latest version of Power BI to use the certified EQuIS connector.


Connection to EQuIS in Microsoft Power BI Desktop is through an EQuIS 7 Enterprise site, Build 19300 or later. The EQuIS 7 Enterprise site must also have a REST API License applied. The user must be assigned to the REST API role for any authentication mechanism to succeed.