Operating System and Device Support

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Operating System and Device Support

EDGE is designed for use both in the office on desktop or laptop computers, and in the field on tablet PCs, notebooks, or other field-ready devices. This document details third party devices that can be used in conjunction with EDGE.


Operating Systems


EDGE currently runs on Windows XP, Tablet XP, VISTA, Windows 7, Windows 10, and all Windows 8 versions except RT. EarthSoft recommends at least a 10-inch screen, for a better viewing experience. It is recommended that the device meet the following criteria:

Minimum 2GB RAM

Windows 7 or higher Operating System (OS)

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2 or higher


When selecting an OS, it is important to consider other software that may run on the field computer, in addition to EDGE. Make sure current datalogger software, logging apps and Microsoft Excel can also run on the field PC that is chosen for EDGE.


EDGE may also be operated from a removable drive, such as a USB flash drive or memory card. In such cases, ensure the device has at least 2GB of storage.


For more information regarding hardware and software changes in EQuIS, please review the Release Notes.


Other Software Requirements


Microsoft Visual Studio C++ Redistributable 2017







Currently there are different categories of tablets on the market. Each of them has different features, specifications, and advantages to meet the user needs. Several rugged and consumer tablets are detailed below.


If EDGE is going to be used in an outdoor environment, EarthSoft recommends the device meet at least these four criteria:

Daylight Readable Display (very important)

IP54 Compliance for Dust and Water Protection

Compliant with MIL-STD-810F http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MIL-STD-810

Long Battery Life



Rugged Devices


Rugged devices are ideal for field work as by design they have larger batteries for extended battery life, better visibility, are durable in harsh environments (rain, dust, or extreme temperatures) and yet offer high speed and performance. These productivity tools are generally higher priced than typical consumer tablets.



Consumer Tablets


If EDGE is running in the office or car, then a non-rugged device may be used. Prices can range from a few hundred to several hundred dollars.


Microsoft Surface. Manufacturer: Microsoft http://www.microsoftstore.com.


ASUS Transformer Book T100TA. Manufacturer: ASUS https://www.asus.com.



GPS Sensors


Garmin Glo. Manufacturer: Garmin http://www.garmin.com.


Dual Electronics XGPS150A. Manufacturer: Dual Electronics http://gps.dualav.com/.


GT-750FL. Manufacturer: Canmore Electronics http://www.canmore.com.tw/index.php.


Software Tip: If Windows is not detecting a Bluetooth GPS sensor, GPS Complete may assist in pairing the devices.



Barcode Scanners


Teemi TMCT-10 Wireless Bluetooth Barcode Scanner. Manufacturer: Teemi http://www.teemistore.com/product/  


 Motorola SYMBOL DS3578 rugged, cordless, omni-directional 1D/2D imager scanner. Manufacturer: Motorola https://www.motorolasolutions.com/.



Laser Rangefinders


TruPulse-Laser-Rangefinders, also the Bluetooth enabled TruPulse 360 Series. Manufacturer: Laser Technology http://www.lasertech.com/default.aspx.


EDGE Software Tip - Microsoft .NET Requirements: When EDGE starts, it will check for the required Microsoft .NET Framework. If it is not found, a warning prompt will appear and a download link to install the Framework will be provided. EDGE 6.5 and higher requires .NET Framework 4.7.2 or higher.


How to Determine if the Correct .NET Framework Version is Installed:

1.Click Start on the Windows desktop.

2.Select Control Panel.

3.Double-click Add or Remove Programs.

4.Search the list of applications for the appropriate version of the Microsoft .NET Framework. If listed, the version is already installed and does not need to be installed again.