Tips for Running Live Agents

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Tips for Running Live Agents

This article contains tips for running the Live Agents.


Stop Adding Datum to a Series


Stop adding new datum (DT_LOGGER_DATUM rows) to a series (DT_LOGGER_SERIES row) by deactivating the series (setting its STATUS_FLAG = 'R'), and restarting the Live Agent that adds the datum.


Tip: In some cases (e.g., the LoggerNet Agent), you can deactivate a series immediately after adding it, so no datum rows will be added to it.


To resume adding new datum, reactivate the series (by setting its STATUS_FLAG = 'A'), and restart the the Live Agent that adds the datum.



Do Not Change Series Names


Do not change a series' (DT_LOGGER_SERIES) name (SERIES_NAME), unit (SERIES_UNIT) or function (SERIES_FUNCTION), as many of the Live Agents use those to identify the series, and add datum to it.


If a Live Agent cannot find a series, it may add a NEW series and add datum to it (e.g., LoggerNet Agent) or it may not add any datum (e.g., Weather Underground).


Instead, change the series' description (SERIES_DESC) to something more meaningful, to display it in the Live Widgets. For example, the Live Chart displays a series' description, name, or ID (LOGGER_SERIES_ID); the first that is not null, in this order.