Live Agent Service

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Live Agent Service

The Agent Service allows users to schedule and run Live reports outside of EQuIS Enterprise. The reports (in EarthSoft.Live.Reports.dll) are included as part of the installation package, and do not need to be published.


Installation and Setup


Follow these steps to install, configure, and start this agent.


App Settings


Before using this agent, one or more app settings may be changed in the *.config file as follows:

1.Open the EarthSoft.Live.Agents.File Processor.exe.config file in a text editor (e.g., Notepad++).

2.In the <appSettings> section, find the desired settings key and set its value (more information in the links below).

3.Repeat Steps 1 and 2 for additional settings that you want to change.

4.Save and close the *.config file.

5.Start/restart the agent for it to detect the changes.







The report's class name, e.g., OdbcImportAgent. (The report names are all listed in the comment, below this setting.)


Note: The report may have additional app settings (input parameters) in this *.config file that also need to be set (e.g., OdbcImportAgent.odbc_source).



How often to run the report, in minutes.


Common app settings, for all EQuIS Live Agents that can be installed as Windows Services, are listed here.