Live File Processor Agent – Processors

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Live File Processor Agent – Processors

A processor (e.g., HOBO, In-Situ-5, Lorentz) watches a folder, detects file changes in that folder, and adds the file data into the database. The processor settings specify/include:

Which folder to watch.

Where in the file (or file name) to get the logger (e.g., DT_LOGGER.LOGGER_CODE) and series (e.g., DT_LOGGER_SERIES.SERIES_NAME, UNIT, FUNCTION) info.

Which column(s) contains the dates and times.



Note: A processor is active (used) if it has a folderWatcherPath that is not NULL or empty, and its status is not Disabled.







Set a processor's status to Disabled to disable it, or set the Default status to Disabled to disable all of the processors for a (CONFIG_SECTION and) CONFIG_KEY.


Note: If the status of all of the processors is Disabled, then the agent will not start.


The agent supports the following (incomplete list of) generic processors/file types:

AreaRAE (gas detection monitor)

Diver (data loggers)

E-BAM (Met One Instruments E-BAM)



Geokon (model 4500 standard piezometer)

HOBO (HOBO TidbiT data loggers)

Horiba (U-50 series multiparameter water quality meter)

In-Situ-4, In-Situ-5 (Win-Situ versions 4 and 5, VuSitu, and Tube 300R Telemetry System)


LoggerDatum (LoggerCode, SeriesName, DatumUtcDate, DatumValue, and DatumQualifier columns)

Lorentz (solar powered pumps)

Lufft (WS600-UMB Smart Weather Sensor)

QED (QED MP20 flow cell)

RST-1, RST-2 (RST Instruments DT2011, DT2011B, and DT2055 vibrating wire single and multi channel loggers)



Solinst (Barologger and Levelogger); limited functionality, see notes in Solinst example.



Note: The Campbell Scientific LoggerNet Agent can also be used to load data from Campbell Scientific LoggerNet logger ('TOA5') files. It has some additional functionality (e.g., it adds DT_EQUIPMENT rows) and can watch individual files, in addition to folders.


YSI-6 (6-series), YSI-EXO, YSI-ProPlus



Additional processors can be added, if the available file settings can be used to read their files. Please contact for help.

Each processor uses system resources to watch a folder. Thus, only add needed processors, to conserve system resources.


The agent also supports the following custom processor/file type:

CNL (004 and 014)