Live File Processor Agent Folder – Remote

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Live File Processor Agent Folder – Remote










Logging Level

Log the list of files in the remote folder, every remoteFolderPollingInterval, or every time the report runs (even if no files have changed)?


Default Value: Off


Time Span

[d.]hh:mm:ss (e.g., 00:03:21 = 3 minutes + 21 seconds, or 01:23:45 = 1 hour + 23 minutes + 45 seconds).


This agent checks (polls) the remote folder periodically (at this interval, using a timer), and downloads and processes files that have been added to, or modified in, the remote folder since the last time it checked. (The time between checks will be this remoteFolderPollingInterval, plus the time that it takes to list, download, and process the files.)


This setting is not used if running this agent as a report (e.g., the EIA's schedule is used to check (poll) the remote folder periodically).


Default Value: 00:15:00 (15 minutes)