Live File Processor Agent File Extensions

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Live File Processor Agent File Extensions

The Live File Processor Agent processes a file based on its extension (e.g., CSV is the extension of the file name data.csv).


File Extension


XLS, XLSX (Excel)

Uses the Syncfusion XlsIO library to save each worksheet within the Excel file as a delimited (e.g., CSV) file, which it then processes (as it processes All Other files).

Note: In Excel, date formats that begin with an asterisk (*) respond to changes in regional date and time settings. This agent uses the first Culture info name (e.g., 'en-AU') within the dateTimeFormats setting to save the file as a delimited file.

Also, see note about FileNameRegexGroups and ZIP files; Excel files are similar: they include the Excel file name and worksheet name (e.g., 'something.xlsx\Sheet1').


Processes each file within the ZIP file, except for USR files.

Note: The FileNameRegexGroups settings (e.g., loggerCodeFileNameRegexGroups) need to consider both the ZIP file name and sub-file name. For example, '\data_20211018.csv' can use ^(.*\.zip\\)*(?'a'[^_.]*) to capture 'data' and ignore the '.zip\' and everything preceding it.

All Other (CSV, TXT, etc.)




Note: We are planning on adding support for JSON and XML files in a future EQuIS release.