Live Adcon AddVantage Agent

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Live Adcon AddVantage Agent

The Adcon AddVantage Agent is used for obtaining sensor data from Adcon servers.


Adding Station


Before using the Adcon AddVantage Agent, add one or more stations in the DT_LOGGER table and series in the DT_LOGGER_SERIES table. This can be done through the Adcon Device Browser widget.


Loading Data


The Adcon AddVantage Agent or Historical Data Loader can be run as a scheduled EQuIS Information Agent (EIA), at the desired frequency, to automatically load data as often as needed. When the agent runs, it will process all applicable series in the database, so only one user needs to create and schedule the agent.


The Adcon AddVantage Agent or Historical Data Loader can also be run in EQuIS Professional or Enterprise (using the EZView widget) to load the data manually, without having to schedule an EIA.


The Adcon AddVantage Agent requests data from the URL stored in DT_LOGGER.LIVE_DATA_SOURCE, using the username and password stored in DT_LOGGER.CUSTOM_FIELD_5 by the Adcon Device Browser widget.


The agent uses the start dates for each logger series, stored in DT_LOGGER_SERIES.CUSTOM_FIELD_5, to determine what date to start the query from. If the field is null, the start date is set to one day ago.


Each series is processed using a different URL request; the data is then stored in DT_LOGGER_DATUM. When the operation is finished, DT_LOGGER_SERIES.CUSTOM_FIELD_5 for each logger series is updated with the last date of the data returned.