Land Access

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Land Access

Land Access is a new EQuIS Module designed to work with SPM. There are three types of Land Access:


1.Facility Land Access (facility-wide)

2.Planned Land Access (task-specific)

3.Scheduled Land Access (task-specific)


Often, Land Access permission is required in order to gather samples and/or data for testing at a later date in a laboratory setting. Not only must the actual task of obtaining the sample be planned and scheduled for a specific facility or location, the permission to enter a specific facility or location must also be planned and scheduled.


Scheduling the actual task and obtaining Land Access permission are done in tandem, and can be viewed in an EIA Report. With SPM, a team, department or individual is notified in advance that Land Access permission is required.


1.Land Access by Task

2.Land Access Planned

3.Report - EIA - Land Access




Facility Land Access: (LA) Defines land access requirement for a location in the whole facility. Any planned or scheduled task will inherit this land access requirement, unless it is disabled or overwritten on a planned or scheduled level.


Planned Land Access: (LAP) Defines land access requirement for a location in a single planned task only. Scheduled tasks resulting from this planned task will inherit the land access requirement, unless disabled or overridden at a scheduled level.


Required / Scheduled Land Access: (LAR) Defines land access requirement for a location in a single scheduled task only. It can be added manually, or created by SPM at the time of task scheduling due to a facility or planned task land access requirement.


Land Access Status: (LAS) Defines status of the scheduled land access requirement. There may be multiple status entries for a single LAR, as the process of obtaining permission for access may take multiple iterations of communication between the land access owner and land access requester.



The Land Access Status Report operates on LAR and LAS entries only.

In order to have the Land Access Module on your machine, the SPM Schema and SPM .dll are both required.