Hardness Based Exceedance

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Hardness Based Exceedance

Name: Advanced Action Level - Hardness Based Exceedance - 44351


Type: Advanced Action Level API


Description: The Hardness Based Exceedance Action Level calculates action levels for Copper and Lead for each sample, based on the Hardness value for the sample using the formula below.


Copper Action Level Value




Lead Action Level Value




The DT_ACTION_LEVEL_LOOKUP table stores values that allow Advanced Action Levels to be looked up or calculated. This hard-coded Hardness-Based Advanced Action Level can be replaced with the new LOOKUP Advanced Action Level.


Follow the steps below to use this report.


1.If not already present in the EQuIS folder, request the required file from support@earthsoft.com. Extract EarthSoft.ActionLevels.Library.44351.zip and save to your EQuIS folder.

2.Open the Action Levels interface and create a new Action Level Code in the Advanced Reports folder (e.g. hardness copper and lead) and Save.

3.Create a new Action Level Code with the Hardness, Copper and/or Lead. Hardness cas_rn is assumed to be Hard. Copper and Lead should be reported in ug/l, Hardness should be reported in mg/l. Leave the ACTION_LEVEL value blank for Hardness, Copper and Lead.

4.Open DT_ACTION_LEVEL. Select the new action level record, and enter the following in the OBJECT_NAME field.
Save and close DT_ACTION_LEVEL. The DT_ACTION_LEVEL.OBJECT_NAME will specify the assembly and classname where additional logic for computing the action level is included.

5.Run the Action Level Exceedance II by User Report or the Action Level Exceedance II with Parameters Report on the new Action Level. Make sure the Analytical Results User Report has the necessary results for all the required analytes.


File Name: EarthSoft.ActionLevels.Library.44351.dll


Language: English


Input Parameters: None




Database Type: SQL


Database Schema: None


Data Requirements: Add Hardness as an action level parameter to the action level. Copper and/or Lead may also need to be added, depending on which analytes require the calculation based on the hardness value. Hardness should be reported in mg/l; Copper and Lead should be reported in ug/l.


Output Type: IGrid


Example Output: Contact support@earthsoft.com