General Op-Check

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General Op-Check

Note: This form data will NOT be mapped to EQuIS.


Please see Create Dynamic Calibration Form to map calibration data to EQuIS. This form can be printed and uploaded automatically to DT_FILE as a pdf by setting the option "Attach Forms to S&S as Images" to True in the Export to EDP (Sign and Submit). (also as explained in Export to EDP (Sign and Submit)).


Form Images


Images of populated forms (e.g. FieldSampleForm) can be added to the EDP export. They can be saved as *.jpg or *.pdf files, depending on the selection made in the "EDP Export" EDGE options.




The General Op-Check Calibration Form is used for daily and End-of-Event calibration verifications. Future versions of these forms will include mapping to EQuIS and dynamic calculations.


The following checks are built into these forms:


ORP mV (Y) vs Temperature deg C (x) formula: Y=1.3x + 263.5

PH 10 (Y) vs Temperature deg C (x) formula: Y=9E-05x2-0.0158x+10.339    (R2=0.9994)

PH 7 (Y) vs Temperature deg C (x) formula: Y=7E-05x2-0.068x+7.1321  (R2=0.995)

PH 4 will not change with Temperature.

For DO calculations the user should enter temperature in deg C and Barometric pressure in mmHg to get DO concentration in mg/L


Here is an example of a configured General Op-Check Calibration Form. A form configuration can be done under Setup on the form menu.