Form Ribbon Buttons

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Form Ribbon Buttons

The following are explanations of the FieldSampleForm's toolbar buttons:

New – Creates a new sample record using the Task and Location selected in the Task and Location Choosers, respectively.

oIf a location is selected which already has a sample record (as seen in Field Samples tab, for example), clicking New will bring up a prompt to either create an entirely new sample record or to add activity data to the existing sample.

Delete – Deletes the current sample record.

Save – Saves the current EDD.

Print – Opens a dialogue for printing the form.

Max/Restore – A feature used to maximize screen space; minimizes the ribbon and the Chooser pane on the left side.

Record Chooser – displays a list of sample records that belong to the selected location of the location chooser.

Default Layout – Resets the configuration of the FieldSampleForm to default settings

Setup – Choose which data fields to include in the form (read above for instructions on building the form).

Order – Reorder the sections of the formEnter topic text here.