Why is Only the First Page of my Boring Log Visible?

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Why is Only the First Page of my Boring Log Visible?

EnviroInsite piles the pages one-at-a-time so that the final page of an individual log is printed last and the preceding pages are printed next. This will cause the underlying pages to be initially hidden from view when you generate a boring log.


Within the Plot Control pane (on the left-hand side of the EnviroInsite window) are the controls for turning on individual objects or in the case of boring logs, pages. Click the small triangle to the left of the Boring Logs object in the Plot Control pane to display all of the individual pages. Starting at the bottom, remove the checks. This will selectively turn off the last plotted objects, exposing the pages underneath.


You can generate a pdf file by selecting File> PDF All. Note that if you have turned off pages of the boring logs in the Plot Control pane, they will not show up in the PDF file.