What Output File Formats are Supported?

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What Output File Formats are Supported?

EnviroInsite supports a number of vector and raster based export formats.

Vector Based Export File Formats

The DXF export utility saves the entire drawing including layouts, while the metafile formats save only the contents of the view window.  

DXF – AutoCAD version 2010

DWG – AutoCAD version 2010

DGN - MicroStation

EMF – Enhanced Metafile

SVG – Scalable Vector Graphics


Raster Based Export File Formats

Exports of raster maps are exported along with a world file to allow for the map to be georeferenced in some other graphics or GIS program.

BMP – Windows Bitmap

GIF – Graphics Interchange Format

JPG – Joint Photographic Experts Group

PNG – Portable Network Graphics

TIFF – Tagged Image File Format