What is the point-to-point option in the x-section stratigraphy model?

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What is the point-to-point option in the x-section stratigraphy model?

The default for generating stratigraphy models is that the borehole contact elevation stratigraphy values are interpolated to points evenly spaced along the length of the cross-section. Then the interpolated points are connected and drawn as a polyline. This may produce inconsistencies between plotted stratigraphic logs that are located some distance from the section and the interpolated stratigraphy.

With the Point-to-Point option selected, EnviroInsite first determines the contact elevations for all boreholes within the specified capture distance for this plot. Next, rather than interpolating contact elevations onto points on the section, EnviroInsite assigns the contact point elevations at the boreholes consistent with the assigned value and draws a straight line from one borehole to the next. The result is a stratigraphic model entirely consistent with a plot showing stratigraphy drawn from the same data set and capture distance.

Be aware that:

1.The contact elevation of formations at shallow boreholes is assigned in a manner described in the article entitled How are Shallow Boreholes Handled in Stratigraphy Models?

2.The capture distance is specified on the Query tab of the Profile Stratigraphy dialog box.