Data Validation

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Data Validation

By default, when the data filename is specified (for non-EQuIS users), EnviroInsite goes through a process of data validation to check the integrity of the linked data fields. A listing of errors and inconsistencies is displayed in the Output tab or the Work Log window. The data validation procedure consists of the following checks:

1.All constituent names in the Observations table are contained in the Constituents table.

2.All well names in the screen table are contained in the well table.

3.All well-screen pairs in the screen table are contained in the measured value table.

4.Null screen names in screen table and measured value table are replaced with a hyphen.

5.Null media field values in the Observations table and null class field values in the wells table are replaced with a hyphen.


Data files with errors can be used, however, some data may not be plotted if the errors are not reconciled.


Users can turn off the data validation option by unchecking the do data validation check box in the open-database file dialog box.