Enumerations in Field Sample Form, Section FieldSample_v1

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Enumerations in Field Sample Form, Section FieldSample_v1

Some enumerations can be enabled in EDGE Configuration to provide special checks on data entered in the FieldSampleForm or Field Samples tab. If the these enumerations are set to have "Y" at the top of the list,  the user receives the warnings as explained below:

CheckFilterIDs – Give warning if CUSTOM_FIELD_1 (labeled as Number of Filter(s) Used) and CUSTOM_FIELD_2 do not match.

duration_warning – If duration is less than 1320 minutes (22 hours) or greater than 1560 minutes (26 hours), flag FLD_QUALIFIER_NOTE field.

sampleMatrixCode_warning – If SAMPLE_MATRIX_CODE is not "AIR", give warning that data must be entered in Comment.

sampleTypeCode_warning – If SAMPLE_TYPE_CODE = "NST", give warning that data must be entered in Comment. Also, SAMPLE_START_DATE, SAMPLE_END_DATE, DURATION, and FLD_QUALIFIER_NOTE will be cleared.

sysLocCode_warning – If SYS_LOC_CODE contains "NRS", give warning that data must be entered in Comment.



In the Field Results grid on the FieldSampleForm, the less than (<) and greater than (>) symbols are automatically "stripped" from the result and distributed to the QUALIFIER and DETECT_FLAG fields because the Extract_Qualifier enumeration is set to "Y" by default. Change the Extract_Qualifier enumeration to "N" to use the < and >symbols within the Field Results grid without extracting them to the qualifier.