Generate a User Certificate for EDD Submittals

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Generate a User Certificate for EDD Submittals

When a user with creator permissions on the EDD Object Type logs in and changes their password in the Enterprise system, that user is sent a User Certificate containing the encrypted password. If the Enterprise application is configured to support e-mail notification and the Preferred Delivery method is set to "Email and Web" for the user, the new user certificate will be sent to the user via e-mail. If not, the user certificate will be in the Notices widget.


To change the user password in Enterprise 7, follow the brief steps here.


Note: User certificates are not generated until the user logs into Enterprise and changes their account password.


Once the user password has been changed, navigate to the Notices dashboard by clicking on the Choose Dashboard Ent-Dashboard_Chooser button and selecting the Notices dashboard.


A new notice should be available in the Notices widget for the user with a subject of EDP User Certificate. The new user certificate can be downloaded as follows:

Click on the triangleEnt-Notices_Message-Open_Icon to the left of the user name to expand the notice message.

Click on the [user name].usr hyperlinked file.

Save the [user name].usr file to a location that is convenient for easy reference.


This certificate must be included in all of the user's EDD submissions to Enterprise EDP. To include the certificate, copy the [user name].usr file into the EDD .zip file.


Warning: The EQuIS Enterprise User Certificate file name must match the EQuIS Enterprise user name
(e.g., "username.usr"). The file contains an encrypted string representing the user password. Enterprise uses the file name and the encrypted password to authenticate the user.


Whenever an Enterprise user changes their password, a new user certificate is generated and posted to My Notices, and the new certificate must be included with EDD submissions.