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Dashboard Chooser

The Dashboard Chooser allows the user to find and view other dashboards that they have permissions to view. For dashboards that have a facility selected, the permissions are checked against the facility permissions. Click on the Choose Dashboard Ent-Dashboard_Chooser button on the dashboard header to open the Dashboard Chooser.






In the upper left corner of the Dashboard Chooser, the folder structure is displayed and indicates the level at which the user has drilled down, as shown below:



Close Dashboard Chooser – The Ent-Close_icon icon closes the Dashboard Chooser without changing the selected dashboard.


The Dashboard Chooser provides a variety of options to view and select dashboards. Select the More Options Ent-More_Options-Icon icon to open a drop-down menu with the following options:

Favorites – Choose from a list of the user's favorite dashboards. Favorite dashboards are selected in tile view by clicking the star on the tile. This will change the star to gold, and that dashboard will show up in the Favorites view.

Recent – Choose from a list of recently used dashboards (sorted in reverse chronological order—most recently used first).

Browse – Browse all dashboards accessible to the user.

Tile View – This option will display the dashboards as large tiles (default view).

Grid View – This option will display the dashboards in list form. In addition to the dashboard name, this view displays the DASHBOARD_CODE, DASHBOARD_ID, and owner of the dashboard.



In the tile view, the Dashboard Chooser will display two different icons: The Dashboard Ent-Dashboard_Chooser icon and the Folder Ent-Folder-Icon icon. When selecting an item from the Dashboard Chooser that displays the Dashboard icon, the user will automatically be redirected to that dashboard. When selecting an item from the Dashboard Chooser that displays the Folder icon, the user will be directed to another tile view that contains all of the dashboards and/or folders within the parent folder. Long dashboard names may be truncated if they exceed the size of the tile. The full dashboard name can be viewed by hovering the mouse over the dashboard name.


Once the desired dashboard is found, simply click on the tile to select the dashboard and close the Dashboard Chooser. To open another dashboard in a new browser tab, press the CTRL key and click on the desired dashboard. The Dashboard Chooser stays open.



Dashboard Search Capabilities


Search available dashboards by entering a text string into the search box Ent-Search_Icon below the Dashboard Chooser header. The display of dashboards will be limited to the search string. Note that the search string must be at least three (3) characters; searching one or two characters will not return results.


The search field supports a variety of search axes as well as generic searches, which will search across the majority of text fields. The available search axes are all the fields in the SDT_DASHBOARD table as well as the pseudo-field name, which is an alias for title. The search parser will separate axes from the rest of the search string, which allows for queries that combine general searches and axes searches. Double quotes can be used around search parameters that have spaces in them.


Here are a few examples:

To search for all dashboards belonging to a user whose ID is 999, the search string would be "dashboard.user_id:999."

To search for all dashboards that have a facility set (ID = 1) and that have the word "reports" in the title, the search string would be "facility_id:1 reports."

To search for all dashboards that are not shared with all users, the search string would be "dashboard.share_type:None."


The Dashboard Chooser can search through all folders, but the search option does not automatically search sub-folders. A notice at the bottom of the search window indicates that additional results may be available and when the user selects the Search button, a search will be performed across all folders and sub-folders for any dashboard titles matching the search string. The search will temporarily reset the current folder structure. Clicking the Ent-Search_Reset_Icon icon at the end of the search box will clear the search and reset the user to the folder structure prior to the search.



Virtual Folders


The Dashboard Chooser contains two virtual folders to help organize dashboards: By Facility and By User. These folders list dashboards by facility and by dashboard creator, respectively.