Unable to Cast Object of Type 'System.Data.DataTable'

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Unable to Cast Object of Type 'System.Data.DataTable'

Error: During an intensive Create and Commit session in EDP, the following error was displayed when attempting to Commit a package:


System.InvalidCastException: Unable to cast object of type

'System.Data.DataTable' to type 'EarthSoft.EDP.EddTable'.


 at EarthSoft.EDP.Forms.EddProcessor.SetNodeAppearance(UltraGrid Grid)

in C:\Hg\EarthSoft.hotfix\EDP\Forms\EddProcessor.vb:line 1990


 at EarthSoft.EDP.Forms.EddProcessor.CreateCommit(String action) in

C:\Hg\EarthSoft.hotfix\EDP\Forms\EddProcessor.vb:line 5009


Resolution: This error was resolved by closing EDP, reopening, and reloading the dataset.