TAK-name and the GetTestID Functions

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TAK-name and the GetTestID Functions

The built in GetTestID function previously used lab_anl_method_name, total_or_dissolved, analysis_date, column_number, test_type, and identifier. This meant that the format files required those exact names. The attribute TAK-name was added to allow alternate names for the format fields, but still allowing the GetTestID method to work.


Methods EarthSoft.EDP.EddTable.TestAlternateKeys and EarthSoft.EDP.EddCustomHandler.GetTAKValue are used to determine the test alternate key fields expected by the format files based on the attribute TAK-name. If TAK-name is not used then it will use the field names mentioned above.


If a user adds the TAK-name attribute then they won't need to customize the GetTestID method.


Below is an example of adding the TAK-name attribute: