Rollback Errors

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Rollback Errors

The error type shown below may be encountered upon Rollback, and is designed to keep referential integrity between tables.


System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: The DELETE statement conflicted with the REFERENCE constraint "FK__[table]". The conflict occurred in database "[database]", table "dbo.[table]".

The statement has been terminated.

 at EarthSoft.EDP.Forms.EddRollback.ProcessRollback() in C:\Hg\EarthSoft.hotfix\EDP\Forms\EddRollback.vb:line [line number]


This error indicates that EDP was unable to complete the rollback process, because the completed process would result in incomplete referential integrity between tables.


For example, using an Insert and Update commit type updated reference values with the new ebatch value for one or more records, which may be used in other records also. Attempting to roll back this data would roll back the reference values, resulting in the 'other' data records not having the parent reference value.


Inspecting the second sentence of the error indicates which table contains the referential integrity issues. Changing this ebatch to its original value or a different value than the one being rolled back, or removing the value altogether, should allow a successful rollback. Prior to modifying the ebatch, the user should view all records related to the ebatch numbers in question to ensure that only the intended data is rolled back. Care should be taken when considering to modify any ebatch numbers, as doing so results in values that are no longer associated in the database with their original submission.



Before modifying ebatch numbers, create a backup of the database. Rollbacks cannot be undone.

A bug causing the row count on the EDP EDD Rollback Form to be doubled when using any commit type other than Insert Only, has been fixed.