Initial Population Reference Values using RVF and Refvals Format

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Initial Population Reference Values using RVF and Refvals Format

EQuIS databases do not come with a set of reference values. This allows you to choose and customize your own list of reference values, without cluttering the reference tables with values that you may not end up using. Reference values can be loaded using one of the sets of reference values in *.rvf form, distributed by a regulatory agency.


The following steps outline the process for loading one of these *.rvf files as your initial reference value sets.

1.Using Windows Explorer, navigate to the saved (*.rvf) file and rename the (*.rvf ) file extension to (*.xml). Select Yes when prompted to confirm changing the file name extension.

2.Open EQuIS Professional.

3.Click EDP to open Professional EDP, and then click Format.

4.Select the format file (C:/Program Files/EarthSoft/EQuIS/Formats) and click Open.

5.Click EDD and open the saved {name}.xml file.

6.All of the reference tables will open.

7.Fix any errors. (The STATUS_FLAG, E_BATCH, and DISPLAY_ORDER columns should not be removed).

8.Save the *.xml file.

9.Create and Commit the package.

10.Close Professional EDP.