Format Files

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Format Files

This article provides general tips to help address issues that may occur when opening a format in EDP.


Check the following first:


1.Is the format properly licensed?

a.Are you using a custom format or a standard format (i.e., NYSDEC vs EQEDD)?

b.Only standard format licensing is included with the purchase of EDP.


Note: An export format must be licensed separately.


2.  Are both EDP and the format the most current version?

    a. Have there been changes in the format?

    b. Force EDP to recompile the format *.dll (e.g., EQEDD.dll) by renaming the .dll to format.dll.old.

        a. Ensure older versions of the .dll are not present on your system by removing all from the Windows local user Temp folder (varies with Operating System;

           Windows 7 default directory is C:\Users\<USER>\AppData\Local\Temp\Formats).

        b. Note that if format files are transferred via email, security settings may strip the format .dll from a .zip folder. If this happens such that the format file folder is

            missing, the current format .dll, EDP may use an older .dll if present on the system. Ensure that the current .dll is present or all are removed to force EDP to

            recompile the .dll.

3. Is the *.rvf file up-to-date?

    a. Current .rvf files should be obtained from a project manager.

4. Is an enumeration file needed?

        a. See: EDP - Error opening Format File (Unable to read Format File,

5. Try running the x86 (32-bit) version of EDP.


Warning: Several formats will only run properly in 32-bit mode.


NYSDEC Export Format


The NYSDEC export format has been designed to export data that has been imported using the NYSDEC format. If data was imported with another format, the export may not function completely.


The Vapor Intrusion EDD Export requires the updated NYSDEC Schema.


The Field Results EDD requires that DT_TEST.ANALYTIC_METHOD be 'FIELD MEASURE' and DT_TEST.ANALYSIS_LOCATION have a value of 'FI' to export the data.


The NYSDEC format description document from the NYSDEC download page lists all the mapping requirements, which may be helpful in troubleshooting the data requirements for the export.


The EDP Format for New York State Department of Environmental Conservation is available here.