Error loading the REFVALS EDD

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Error loading the REFVALS EDD

Affected Software/Reports/DLL(s): EDP


Affected Software Version: N/A


Symptoms: This error may occur in EDP during the Commit stage while using the REFVALS EDD Format:


"System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException (0x80131904): The server failed to resume the transaction. Desc:5600000001.


The transaction active in this session has been committed or aborted by another session."


Cause/Details: This error typically occurs when the RT_GROUP_MEMBER.MEMBER_TYPE value in the EDD does not match code in the RT_GROUP.GROUP_TYPE field.


Resolution/Workaround: Review the EDD and update where necessary so that the RT_GROUP_MEMBER.MEMBER_TYPE value matches the same code as the parent RT_GROUP.GROUP_TYPE record.