End_Depth Calculation in EQuIS Formats

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End_Depth Calculation in EQuIS Formats

In the following formats, the DT_LITHOLOGY table includes the field END_DEPTH (numeric/decimal data-type):









The END_DEPTH field is not required unless the MATERIAL_NAME field is populated.


The END_DEPTH field should be autopopulated on EDD load for these formats if values exist for the SYS_LOC_CODE, START_DEPTH, and MATERIAL_TYPE fields. The method populating END_DEPTH looks in the format. It does not look in the database. First, the method tries to populate the END_DEPTH field with the next (numerically) START_DEPTH value from the lithology section where SYS_LOC_CODES are equal and MATERIAL_TYPE is not null. If a value is not found in the lithology section, the method will look in the format's location section and populate with the TOTAL_DEPTH field value.


When the MATERIAL_TYPE field is populated but the END_DEPTH field is not populated, there is a possibility that the END_DEPTH field cannot be populated and the upload process may fail.