Delimiter Characters in EDP

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Delimiter Characters in EDP

The delimiter for import and export is hard coded in the EDP code as a comma.


In the EDP code saving the EDD as a .csv file it sets the separator as a comma.


1: Select Case Path.GetExtension(fileName).ToLower

2:            Case ".csv"

3:                edt.FileExtension = ".csv"

4:                edt.FileSeparator = ","

5:                edt.FileDelimiter = """"

6:     '...  code omitted '


When loading, it hard codes .csv files to use the comma.


1: Select Case System.IO.Path.GetExtension(filename).ToLower

2:           Case ".csv"

3:                  ' assume comma separated, quote delimited '

4:                   bRet = IO.TextFile.LoadFile(filename, Me.GetTable(tablename), ","c, """"c)


6:      '...  code omitted '


For other file types (.txt, .smp, .tst, etc.), EDP determines the separator by counting the commas, pipes, tabs, and tildes in the first line and the one with the most is the separator.


The saving and loading of EDDs can be overridden in the format custom handler file.