Display Project on EDGE Forms

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Display Project on EDGE Forms

This article explains the Project level of data organization in SPM and EDGE.  The image below shows the information stream in SPM/EDGE related to projects.




Create Project


To create a project, add a new task, but set the TASK_TYPE="project." There are two ways to do this:

1.In EDGE, add a new row to the "Task" tab.

2.In EQuIS Professional, add a record to the DT_TASK task table.




In SPM, the project is now available in the “Project #” drop-down in the Planned Task editor > Task Details tab.




Add Project Information to EDGE Forms


When creating an EDGE EDD using the EDGE Field EDD Report, project information is appended to the Task_v1 section in the EDD "Task" data tab. To have these sections visible on a configurable form, such as the FieldSampleForm, follow these steps:

1.Open “FieldSampleForm” tab.

2.Add any or all of the following fields to the location section:





Go to Field Sample Form for more details on how to configure the FieldSampleForm.


3.Select a task from the Task Chooser.

4.Select a location from the Location Chooser.

5.Click “New” to create new sample record. The project information will be displayed in the project fields.