Differ Non-Detect Data Points

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Differ Non-Detect Data Points

The Differ Non-Detects chart parameter has Yes and No values and defaults to No. When Yes is selected, the diamond shape is applied to non-detects data points of a default scatter chart where the default shape of data points is circle.


Note: In order for the Differ Non-detects parameter to work, the Dataset of XY Charts must have a column named detect_flag (e.g. an ARII results table has it). XY Charts processes or formats non-detects points by finding their associated detect_flag values (=N).

Here is an example:


1.Run the ARII Report with some non-detect values (detect_flag = N) in its results.

2.Click on XY Charts. Select Group Series By as chemical_name and Differ Non-detects as Yes. Click Add Series to create a chart.



Non-detect points use diamond shaped symbols and the same colors as other markers of their corresponding series.

If non-detect values are relatively small, they may not be seen clearly. Press mouse-left key on a place of the chart area and drag it to select an area around the non-detects to zoom in. Double-click on the chart area of the zoomed in chart to bring the original chart back.


3.Select View > Advanced > All Series, find Misc in the Advanced tab, and modify ScatterConnectType from None to Line. You can see a line-scatter chart with differed non-detects points.

4.Click Send To Excel from the Chart Toolbar to export the chart to Excel. Unhide the data worksheet to change the formats of Y axis by entering max of Y = 50 to see non-detect points clearly.