Daily Site Visit

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Daily Site Visit

The Daily Site Visit Tab can be utilized for sites that require repetitive visits, without requiring a new sample on each visit. The tab collects data against a task and is made unique by the date and times.





Error alert will indicate when there is a data error that needs to be addressed in the row (e.g. Time format is not correct).


This is the task code to which the Daily Site Visit data will be assigned, instead of a SYS_LOC_CODE or SYS_SAMPLE_CODE. This can be pulled through an EDD or created within EDGE ad hoc.


Date the measurement was taken (MMDDYYYY or DDMMYYYY)

Measurement_time (24 hour)

Time the measurement was taken (HH:MM)


A comment or remark field regarding the measurement or site visit. This is an open text field.


Sampler who performed the site visit.


Time of arrival (HH:MM)


Time of departure (HH:MM)


Optimizing the Daily Site Visit Tab


Autofill is a standard function available in EDGE. Users can choose to autofill columns of data either into selected rows that already exist or into new rows as they are created. In the case of this tab, autofilling the Sampler and Remarks fields will optimize data collection.


To set the autofill value, select the Autofill button on the top of the Daily Site Visit tab.