Custom Class Library Form

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Custom Class Library Form

The following steps were written specifically for Visual Studio 2010, but also apply to newer versions:

1.Start a new project of type ClassLibrary, for .Net Framework 4.7.2.

2.Clear the Root Namespace (VB) / Default Namespace (C#)/

3.Add references to:



i.The files above are located in the EDGE application folder. Set Copy local to False.

4.Under the project properties, set build output path to {Format Folder}\Plugins\Forms. Note that "{Format Folder}" represents the folder containing the format for which forms are being developed and debugged. This format needs to be opened in EDGE for the debugger to work.

5.Under the project properties, debug, start action, select Start External Program.

a.Navigate to the EDGE application folder and set EDGE.exe to be the external program.

6.Add a new Windows Form to the project.

7.Implement the interface EarthSoft.EDGE.Forms.ITabForm.

a.The following two properties must return non-null value.

i.EarthSoft.EDGE.Forms.ITab.Name (return unique name of a tab).

ii.EarthSoft.EDGE.Forms.ITab.Form (return current instance).

8.The form is in the state ready to be integrated into EDGE. Start debugging to verify.