Concurrent Editing of Tables by Multiple Users

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Concurrent Editing of Tables by Multiple Users

With more than one Concurrent User License for EQuIS Professional, multiple users may access a single database table at the same time. Caution should be advised if two users are logged into the same table and the same facility as a save on any changes will be executed on a first come first serve basis.


For instance, if two users are both editing the same field in the same table in EQuIS Professional, the table will commit the data changes from the first user to when save is selected. Any edits made after that will not be saved unless the Refresh button is selected to reflect the updates. If two or more users will be updating the same tables at the same time in Professional, click Refresh prior to making any changes. Another recommended method for data changes is to upload and check the data using EDP and an EDD, if applicable. Using EDP will track the changes through ebatch and may allow for rollback of the data, if it was incorrect.


Running reports or exports will not make any changes to the database, and can be implemented simultaneously.