Comparing to Regulatory Standards

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Comparing to Regulatory Standards

For a given constituent-media-fraction triplet (e.g., TCE, groundwater, dissolved), EnviroInsite allows for comparison to any number of regulatory standards. Exceedances may occur for either a lower limit or an upper limit of the regulatory standard value. Users may specify to have reported values that are equivalent to regulatory standard values as also being in violation of those standards. Select View> Options from the main menu to open the View Options window. This option is specified on the Document tab.




When using an EQuIS database, be careful with the >= standard value option if you are reliant on conversion of concentration units. Since the results are stored in binary, a loss of precision during conversion may cause two equivalent values to not be represented as equivalent. For example, 0.1 mg/L converted to ug/L may not be represented as equivalent to a value entered as 100 ug/L. For this reason, we recommend that concentrations of particular analytes and media be stored in the same concentration units as the regulatory standards against which they will be compared.