Overview of EQuIS Collect

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Overview of EQuIS Collect

EQuIS Collect is a field module in the EQuIS workflow and integrates with multiple other EQuIS applications. Collect is comprised of two components: (1) EQuIS Collect Mobile, which is used to collect data electronically in the field on iOS, Android, and Windows 10 devices; and (2) EQuIS Collect Enterprise, which uses Enterprise dashboards to manage projects and field crews, build and publish Collect Form Templates, monitor and review field data collection progress, and generate reports. The two Collect components communicate directly and facilitate direct integration of data into the EQuIS workflow. Collect Forms are populated with field data in the Collect Mobile app and uploaded to EQuIS with the Enterprise EQuIS Data Processor (EDP), enforcing data rules and ensuring data integrity. Collect Enterprise dashboards provide tools to manage and track the status of any field activity in real time.




Collect introduces the concept of Form Templates and Data Forms (forms). A template is a collection of pre-defined forms that contains fields with various attributes, rules, logic, and possibly pre-populated with data. A template is like an Excel workbook with several forms (sheets) within. For example, a Groundwater template might have the following forms: Water Level, Groundwater Sampling, COC, and Well Inspection. A variety of templates are available from EarthSoft and can be customized to meet specific user needs. Data mapping is also performed in the template if the data are going into an EQuIS database. A template can map data to any EQuIS format. Only one EQuIS format can be used with a template. A data form is a populated form created from a template. The data forms must adhere to all rules and logic set in the template.


Collect Enterprise Workflow


Login to EQuIS Enterprise using a web browser and EQuIS credentials.

Create and manage user groups.

Create and manage Collect dashboards.

Design and test new templates and forms as needed.

Publish standard and/or custom templates to be available on Collect Mobile app.

Check the status and content of forms.

Review data analytics.

Generate reports.


Collect Mobile Workflow


Download EQuIS Collect Mobile from the appropriate app store (Apple, Google or Microsoft).

Login to Collect using EQuIS credentials.

Access forms and templates assigned to your specific user group(s).

Select existing forms from the list or create forms from templates.

Collect data on the selected form.

Push data from saved form to EQuIS Enterprise.

View status on Collect Mobile (received, accepted, rejected, completed).

Repeat the data collection steps above as necessary.