Reports Available on Mobile App

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Reports Available on Mobile App

All EQuIS user reports that have been published on the Enterprise server are available to be selected. On the Collect Mobile app there is a standard report, Form Summary, that is always available. If other reports have been assigned to the form they will appear below the Form Summary report. Based on how the form was generated locally or on the server (discussed in Create New Forms), the reports will be available either locally or on the server. User reports created locally are generated only for that user and the data collected on that form. User reports generated from the server may combine data from all assigned users or a variety of data sources. A variety of user report file types are supported, including XML, HTML, HTM, PDF, and CSV.


After selecting a form, tap the Report icon to see the available reports.



For the Form Summary, all forms are automatically selected for inclusion in the report. Deselect a form to not include it in the report. Tap the Report icon to run the Form Summary report.



After a report is run, use the Share option to share the document via email or other apps.


Local Collect COC Report


Local, or offline, Collect COC (Chain of Custody) reports are custom reports that EarthSoft clients, with a licensed EQuIS Collect Collect module and Collect schema applied to their database, can have built into a custom Collect template through EarthSoft services. The Collect offline COC report can be saved and/or printed as a PDF file document and available locally for only that user and with data collected on the form. After selecting a form, click on the Report button to see the available reports.




For the COC report, all Chain of Custody forms and sample records are automatically selected for inclusion in the report. A form and/or sample can be deselected, excluding them from the report. Click the Generate button to run the COC report.




After a COC report is run, the user is able to save or share the PDF file of the COC report. Select the "Save" button to save the PDF file locally. To print a PDF file, it is necessary to save the file locally first, then print the saved document.


Note: Sharing a PDF file is possible on Android and iOS devices, by selecting the "Share" button and choosing an email or other sharing option. Sharing a PDF file is not possible on Universal Windows Platform devices unless the PDF file is saved and shared locally.