Active Reports - Adding a Location Parameter

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Active Reports - Adding a Location Parameter

1.Open the Report Data Source window (see Steps 1-2 in Active Reports - Create Active Report).

2.Add SYS_LOC_CODE as a parameter in the Query text box as shown below.


SELECT * FROM dt_water_level WHERE facility_id =

<%@facility_id|Facility ID:|1|S%> and sys_loc_code =

'<%@sys_loc_code|Location:^select sys_loc_code from dt_location

where facility_id = @facility_id||S%>'


Note: If an error message is received, make sure the SQL code is entered exactly as it appears here.


1.Click OK.

2.Click File and select Preview in the Report Designer main menu. A prompt to select a location will display.

3.Select a location; click Go in the Preview menu. The report will show only water levels for that location.

4.Close the Preview window when finished.