Action Level Exceedance Not Flagged

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Action Level Exceedance Not Flagged

In the standard Action Level Exceedance Report, if a specific result is an exceedance to an action level and does not get flagged, this behavior may be associated with the significant digit logic and rounding functions. The rounding function will round a result to the number of significant digits provided to it as a parameter (e.g. If it is told to round to 1 significant digit, 1.4 becomes 1 and 1.5 becomes 2. Similarly, 14 becomes 10 and 15 becomes 20.


The significant digit function determines the number of significant digits in a number and is used to provide the previously mentioned function with that parameter. Its logic looks at a number and counts the number of digits it contains, however, it ignores the left-most zeros prior to encountering a digit between 1 and 9. It also ignores the right-most zeros if a decimal point is not present (e.g. With each of the following two numbers this function returns three significant digits: 020200 & 0.00000202 and will return four significant digits for the next two numbers: 00202.0 & 0.002020. The Action Level Exceedance Report applies the significant digits based on the value in the ACTION_LEVEL field.


After running the report, all result values (AL_RESULT_VALUE, REPORT_RESULT_VALUE, etc.) have the significant figures rounding applied; the rounding should occur on those values.


Suggestions on how to address this behavior include:


1.Change the action level values to add more significant figures in the standard Action Level Exceedance Report. This should result in proper flagging of the exceedance in this report.

2.Use the Action level Exceedance II by User Report (previously called (Beta) Action Level Exceedance by Pick Report), which allows selection of the number of significant figures (or ignore rounding completely). For more information on the Action Level Exceedance II by User Report, refer to this help article.